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Transactional Email

A transactional email is an automatic message that customers receive after performing certain actions on a website or application. Unlike regular newsletters, transactional emails are individual and are sent to those who expect them. Therefore, the open rate of such emails is significantly higher than that of other messages sent by the same sender.

The most common type of transactional email is a confirmation message for an order. The notification contains general information about the ordered products, details about the buyer, and the delivery address. Such an email is necessary for the customer to ensure that they have done everything correctly and have not made any mistakes when placing the order. Transactional emails can also include messages about subscribing, registering on a website, booking a hotel room, and so on.

The main advantage of transactional emails is that they come to the right person at the right time. Timeliness of sending is ensured by the automation of the mailing process. Companies do not need to manually create a new email each time - it is enough to create several templates for different purposes, where variable values will be substituted. Users check their email in anticipation of these messages because their appearance means that everything is good. Thus, the use of transactional emails increases customer engagement and helps to establish trusting relationships.

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