Template gallery

Choose a template from our gallery, or order a custom design for your store

How to start working on design?

Select one of the templates as a basis or you can describe the preferred color set in your request. Make sure you upload your logo, if any.

What changes can be made?

It is possible to change a color scheme of a website, select a font out of available ones, select menu and buttons style, create individual banners, change the configuration and order of blocks on homepage.

Is it possible that my design won't be unique?

No. We control and supervise each design and thoroughly assure that each one has it's own style.

We have our own web design layout. Can it be used?

It can’t be used as it is. However, we can set our design in such a way that it looks as much similar as possible to yours within our design builder.

What if it will be necessary to improve or completely change web design?

Yes, it will be possible. You will be able to set it up by your own through clean interface. Moreover, if you need to update your web design completely, we do assist you with the task.

Need more information?

We will answer all your questions