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Crowdfunding is the process of raising funds from a large group of people for the implementation of an idea, startup, or project. Crowdfunding is a common practice in the technology industry for realizing innovative ideas. Companies that do not have a large investor or sufficient funds resort to crowdfunding. They get a chance to bring their idea to life without financial risk to themselves. Even if the project becomes successful, the money collected during crowdfunding is not returned.

People who become participants in the collection actually act as donors, as they do not receive any financial benefit from their investments. Companies conducting the collection may give their product or something memorable to donors as proof of their assistance. In addition to technological startups, there are other public fundraisers, such as those for the military, medical treatment, and so on.

Online platforms are used for crowdfunding. This allows a large audience to be reached and funds to be raised from different cities or countries. It should not be expected that posting a project on a platform will guarantee success. Crowdfunding platforms do not promote projects - they only provide a platform for donations and handle technical collection issues. Platforms charge a commission for their services. A person must put in a lot of effort to organize a fundraiser.

  1. Find an idea. For a successful fundraising campaign, the project must be innovative — it should be an original idea that has not been seen before. It is difficult to come up with such an idea, but it must be done, otherwise, people will not be enthusiastic about helping the project. The potential product must be interesting, unique, understandable, and useful.
  2. Make some initial progress. This will show future donors that the idea can be realized and that you are working on it. But you lack the funds to implement it, so their help is crucial.
  3. Prepare a project presentation. The ability to present and explain the idea is one of the key points of crowdfunding. Images, videos, product models, and a detailed description of the idea will help people fully appreciate the concept. After studying the presentation, a person should have an answer to the question »why should I help this project?».
  4. Publicize the project and seek help. When the presentation is ready, the project can be posted on a crowdfunding platform. But don't stop there, as passive behavior will not attract funds. The idea must be promoted, shown to as many people as possible, and encourage them to donate. Only in this way can the necessary amount of funds be raised.
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