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3D-Secure is a security protocol used during online payments with a payment card. Developed by payment systems Visa and Mastercard, the technology aims to protect the cardholder from fraud. If a merchant, such as an online store, has enabled 3D-Secure, its use is mandatory. All modern banks use 3D-Secure by default, as it is a requirement of the payment systems.

The function of 3D-Secure is to identify and confirm the identity of the person making the payment. This can be done in several ways:

  • SMS message — the online store's website redirects the client to the 3D-Secure page, where they must enter a code that will be sent via SMS to the phone number associated with the bank account;
  • phone call — the bank bot calls the client and asks them to confirm the payment by pressing a corresponding number;
  • banking application — the client opens their banking app and confirms the payment manually or with Face or Touch ID.

The protocol is activated after entering the payment details on the website. The cardholder does not need to do anything to enable 3D-Secure, but if the protocol is not available on the website, it will not work.

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