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Welcome Letter

A welcome letter is an email message that a user receives after their first contact with a company, such as registering on a website or subscribing to a newsletter. A welcome letter plays a very important role because the entire future communication with the customer may depend on it. With its help, a company can tell about itself and interest the customer in further cooperation.

A welcome letter is one of the types of trigger emails, so it is sent automatically. To create a welcome letter, a company should develop a template that will be used for mailing in the future. There may be several templates for different situations. User information will be automatically inserted into them to personalize the letter. It is important to carefully consider the content of the welcome letter to make a good impression about the company right away. To write a quality welcome letter, you need to:

  • if possible, personalize the letter so that the company addresses a specific subscriber in the text;
  • briefly tell about the company and its activities;
  • thank the customer for registering/subscribing/choosing the company;
  • explain why the customer made the right choice and why the company, in particular, the newsletter, will be valuable;
  • add links to additional content that will help the customer learn more about you, such as links to social networks, an article about the company, etc.;
  • offer the customer the first opportunity to collaborate - it should be valuable to the customer and contain an honest benefit, such as a promo code with a discount on the first purchase;
  • add a noticeable and clear call to action, but it is not necessary to start with something complex - even a suggestion to go to the website will be enough;
  • formulate the subject of the letter that will tell about its essence and immediately attract the reader's attention.

Users are accustomed to receiving welcome letters after performing certain actions, so they always expect them and the letters have a high open rate. Such a letter not only serves as the beginning of communication with the customer but also confirms that the user has done everything correctly, for example, provided the correct email address during registration. Therefore, it is desirable that the letters are sent as soon as possible after the target action has been performed.

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