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First Party Cookies

First Party Cookies are files created when a user visits a website that collects information about their interactions with the platform. The purpose of First Party Cookies is to improve the user experience and make website usage more convenient. For example, if you visit an online store, select the English language, add items to your cart, and then leave, this information will be saved thanks to First Party Cookies. The next time you visit the site, you will see the English language and the same items in your cart.

For website owners, First Party Cookies are very important because they perform many useful functions:

  • help analyze customer behavior and improve website usability;
  • allow a better understanding of the target audience;
  • make the site more personalized;
  • trusted by users.

First Party Cookies are created exclusively on the site that the user visits and are not passed on to third parties. Visitors are usually notified about the use of cookies and asked to consent to it. If consent is not given, website owners may restrict its functionality. The information stored in cookies is confidential and does not disclose the anonymity of the person, so there is no need to be afraid of them. Users can choose to delete created cookies from their browser, but such actions will worsen the usability of the website they visit in the future. For example, they will have to log in to their profile again, search for information, etc.

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