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Facebook Ads Manager

Facebook Ads Manager is a tool for creating and managing advertising campaigns on Facebook and related platforms. The service allows for the creation of various types of advertisements, targeting specific audiences, and selecting ad placement. Afterward, the platform provides built-in tools to track the results of advertising campaigns.

To create an advertising campaign in Ads Manager, an advertiser must:

  • select the goals they wish to achieve through advertising;
  • configure their target audience by specifying its parameters, such as gender, age, location, interests, and behaviors;
  • choose the ad placement, such as in the user's newsfeed or Facebook Messenger;
  • indicate the advertising budget and payment method;
  • create the advertisement.

The tool also allows for the creation of test ad groups to determine the best option. In this case, the advertiser creates two versions of advertisements with different settings and compares their effectiveness. Facebook Ads Manager provides numerous tools for analyzing advertising campaigns. The system tracks various metrics, such as the number of impressions, clicks, and completed actions, which can be used to optimize advertising campaigns.

In addition to advertising on Facebook, Ads Manager is also used to promote content on Instagram. This is because both social networks are owned by the same company, Meta. Setting up advertising on Instagram is similar to Facebook, with only the difference in ad placement.

One distinctive feature of Facebook Ads Manager is the ability to configure dynamic retargeting. Thanks to the Facebook Pixel installed on the website, the platform collects information about website visitors and their actions. Then, this data is used to create advertisements and show them to users who have visited the advertiser's website. This approach helps to retain and attract customers to the website. Ads Manager also provides the ability to work in a team and share access to advertising campaigns with other people in the organization, simplifying coordination and improving the quality of advertising campaigns.

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