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Evergreen Content

Evergreen content is material that maintains its popularity over a long period of time. Such content does not lose its relevance for readers regardless of circumstances. For example, if you write an article about a set of clothes that a newborn needs, people will always be searching for such content because the information in it does not become outdated. However, if you review a specific model of a baby stroller, over time interest in the content will diminish because the stroller will no longer be produced or a new model will be released.

Evergreen content contributes to SEO promotion of a website. Material that maintains its relevance is more likely to be at the top of search results and bring in steady traffic. Additionally, evergreen content will help develop your brand because the material will be strongly associated with you. Users will share the article and spread your name.

When creating evergreen content, it is important to choose the right format. Not all types of content are suitable for becoming «evergreen». For example, news articles and trend pieces cannot be evergreen. They are situational and relevant for a short period of time. You need content that will be just as valuable a week, a month, or a year from now. We have compiled a list of content formats that can be evergreen:

  • tips — articles like «how to do something» have the greatest potential to become evergreen content. Users are constantly looking for tips online, and a good article that solves their problem will always be popular.
  • FAQ — if you have studied your target audience well and see that people often ask the same questions, then a collection of «Question-Answer» will be evergreen. Gather all the popular questions in one place and provide answers to them in one article.
  • case studies — people love reading interesting success or failure stories, and they use such materials for their own development. Case studies serve as an example for others and readers can return to them to use someone else's personal experience for their own purposes.
  • encyclopedic articles — materials in which facts are presented dryly but exhaustively, always enjoy popularity. They are needed by those who want to understand the essence of the matter without delving into unnecessary information. For example, articles on Wikipedia rarely change but remain evergreen;
  • expert articles — materials that deeply reveal certain issues always deserve special attention from readers. People like to read articles where experts explain different things in detail. Such content is much more trustworthy than usual, so it retains its relevance for a long time;
  • compilations — content that includes life hacks, interesting facts, or common mistakes can be extremely useful for readers. People can save an article in tabs or simply return to it to remember something important.
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