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Brand Manager

A brand manager is an employee of a company who is responsible for developing the brand. The main task of a brand manager is to create an image of the company that will appeal to the target audience. To achieve these goals, a brand manager covers a wide range of aspects in their work, ranging from marketing to overall company development strategy. The responsibilities of a brand manager may vary depending on the requirements of the company. For example, in one task, they may be responsible for introducing a new product to the market and developing a plan for its promotion, while in another, they may be responsible for creating brand identity.

The competence of a brand manager extends to almost all public areas of a company's activities. They participate in developing the company's tone-of-voice, formulating public messages, creating presentations for partners, and much more. Based on this, the work of a brand manager combines creative and analytical functions. They not only have to come up with an external image of the company but also learn the audience's reaction by tracking various metrics and statistics.

Most often, a person responsible for brand development is hired at later stages of the company's existence when the work is already established. A brand manager helps take the company to the next level and emphasize the distinctive characteristics of the business that will set it apart from its competitors. This position exists in all major companies, especially those seeking to enter new markets.

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