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B2B website

A B2B website is a site of a company that serves other businesses. Through the website, a company can present information about itself, introduce its services, or showcase its range of products. When an entrepreneur sells goods to business clients, acting as a supplier, such a website is called a B2B portal.

A B2B website holds special significance for wholesale sales organizations. The portal helps serve customers quickly and efficiently, relieving the workload of company managers. A B2B sales website combines the characteristics of an online store and a mediator between business clients and the company. The company publishes collaboration terms, price lists, and other content important to wholesale buyers on its website. The portal integrates with CRM and warehouse management systems to provide customers with up-to-date information on prices and stock availability, which is crucial in wholesale trade. All of this enables B2B clients to independently place orders, just like in a regular online store. Managers do not need to guide the customer throughout the entire process—processing the order is sufficient, as even the necessary documentation is automatically generated on the B2B portal.

A B2B website automates various business processes and allows servicing different customer groups within a single platform. The company can categorize customers and provide different access levels to the website's content. For example, the portal may cater to regular wholesale buyers, dropshippers, and large VIP clients. Each category will see its own product catalog with specific prices. Additionally, different customer groups will have various payment and delivery methods. This way, the company can segment its clients, making it easier to serve them. Without a website, managers could become confused in such a situation and provide incorrect information, leading to customer dissatisfaction.

A B2B sales website has a set of features tailored for wholesale trade because it requires specific capabilities. Among the functions of a B2B sales website are:

  • customer segmentation into groups with the ability to view different content;
  • personalized customer balances in different currencies;
  • quantity-based discounts;
  • personalized price lists;
  • personalized product feeds for clients acting as dealers;
  • hiding or displaying stock availability;
  • integration with third-party programs through APIs;
  • generation of invoices and other necessary documentation for clients.
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